Zoom Teeth Whitening in Langley

Zoom Teeth Whitening Near You

Chances are, if you’re looking to illuminate your smile, you’ve probably heard of teeth whitening. While this method is certainly a great choice, it can take some time to complete. So, if you’re still interested in improving your teeth but would prefer a shorter time commitment, allow us to introduce to you zoom teeth whitening. Not only is this process quicker, but you’ll still obtain reliable, lasting results.

Our local dental practice offers zoom teeth whitening in Langley; give our team a call to learn more about it.

Zoom Teeth Whitening in Langley

What Causes Discoloration?

Over time, our teeth are vulnerable to discoloration due to several factors, and those factors are as follows:

  • Aging.
  • Genetics.
  • Tobacco use.
  • Certain food and drinks.
  • Oral trauma.
  • Infection.
  • Taking certain medications.

Our teeth are not naturally pearly white; our smiles can range from a dull white to yellow-grey. And although teeth whitening can indeed brighten our teeth by multiple shades, the aesthetic results will differ between patients.

Receiving Zoom Teeth Whitening in Langley

Zoom teeth whitening is identical to traditional in-office whitening except for one major difference: it’s more efficient. The process itself is condensed, with your appointment only lasting between 45 and 60 minutes as opposed to an hour and a half.

This treatment is safe and performed in a controlled environment. Your dentist knows the appropriate amount of bleach to apply to your smile so that it is made brighter but so it doesn’t become damaged.

With that said, not everyone is eligible for this particular service; you’ll need to attend a consultation with your dentist so they can examine and take x-rays of your mouth. Your medical and dental history and expectations will be discussed too. Before you go, your dentist will let you know if teeth whitening is suitable for you; if not, they’ll be able to recommend an alternative.

Regarding the process itself, your teeth and gums will be cleaned so any lingering bacteria don’t interfere. The bleaching gel (usually hydrogen peroxide) is applied to the surface of your smile, and then a special light is used to activate the actual whitening. The gel stays on for 15 minutes, is wiped off, then reapplied; this cycle is performed three times in total. Finally, a second gel to help prevent sensitivity is applied too.

And voila! A beautiful smile you’ll fall in love with every day.

At Cornerstone Dental Centre, we provide zoom teeth whitening near you. Contact our staff to set up a visit!