Sensitive Teeth No More

The discomfort of sensitive teeth can make your morning coffee or luncheon ice water a tooth searing ‘pain’.
A lot of times individuals think that sensitive teeth are part of the human experience. But sensitive teeth can actually be an indicator of a variety of things. From a simple cavity, to a tooth that might have become fractures, to the enamel on your teeth being worn away due to sugary and acidic food and drinks. Worse still, it could be the cause of an infection or exposed root.

The more serious concerns should of course be addressed, but there are ways in which to maintain your enamel, or even rebuild it, and prevent tooth sensitivity overall.

Cure with Paste

Now of course toothpaste is not a cure for your more serious problems, but it can address your sensitivity nicely for general relief.

Toothpaste designed especially for sensitive teeth contains ingredients, which blocks the pain that is transferred from the tooth’s surface, to below that tooth’s surface. It can quickly provide relief, usually addressing the sensitivity anywhere between a week to ten days.

Once the problem is solved, don’t be under the assumption that you can return to your regular paste, rather keep using your sensitive toothpaste to ensure your teeth don’t regain sensitivity.

Ease Up On Your Brushing

Although you don’t want plaque to build up, scraping the “skin” of your teeth off with brushing that is too vigorous, can be harmful to both your enamel as well as your gum line. So ensure your bristles are soft and your brushing is gentle.

Fluoride Is Your Friend

There is a specific type of fluoride that can aid in preventing decay. Don’t shy away from utilizing it to ensure you oral health is fully addressed

…and remember, a healthy diet will be reflected in your oral health as well. So keep sugar and acidic foods to a minimum …while still being able to enjoy that morning coffee!