Good Oral Hygiene = Fresh Breath

Bad breath is something no one wants. And covering it up with mints or mouthwash is not the solution either.

Rather, if you have habitual bad breath, you will want to resolve the issue at the root of the problem.

Chronic bad breath is often due to diet. Your inner health will result in your outer health …including your skin, teeth and breath (just to name a few).

Cornerstone Dental has some initial solutions to help better your oral health, and assist you in creating fresh(er) breath.

Pineapple …the express to better breath

Did you know that pineapple contains bromelain, which is an enzyme that aids in digestion, and also acts like a cleanser au naturel? Well it does. So slice up some tropics, and chow down on a plate of “fresh breath”.

Yogurt …smother your breath in probiotics

Not only is yogurt a probiotic petri dish, it’s also a natural way to reduce plaque, guard against gingivitis, and promotes fresh breath by dissolving the hydrogen sulphide (often the culprit behind bad breath). So starting spooning on the yogurt, and re-calibrate your palate to a pleasant, odorless place.

Cranberries …the fresh breath maker

Cranberries contain benefits o’ plenty. From keeping your bladder on track, to fighting plaque. This tiny red berry creates a chalk-like substance on your teeth, which prevents plaque and other bacteria from growing on your teeth and in your mouth. Adding to this list of benefits, is the antioxidants cranberries contains, and you will find that here’s no reason NOT to down a glass of cranberry juice (sugar-free of course)!

Veggies …a toothsome treat

Your teeth will thank you for this one, and your breath will back their appreciation. Crunching on raw vegetables increases saliva production, which helps wash food particles and acid from teeth …good for your body, your teeth, and your breath. Celery sticks anyone?

So perhaps keep the mints in your purse to keep it smelling fresh, but consider these more permanent solutions for your “scented” mouth. We believe they are the health’full solution to better your oral health!