A Smile …Your Best Accessory

Cornerstone Dental believes that, maintaining a healthy smile is the best accessory one can have. Not only will your overall health be maintained if your oral health is consistently addressed, but your overall appearance is enhanced also.

Tooth decay (also commonly referred to as cavities), are words no one ever wants to hear their dentist utter. However, one’s lifestyle, eating habits, oral care, and heredity …are all factors that play a role in whether or not tooth decay will be a prevalent concern.

Although children are more susceptible to cavities due to the soft nature of their dentine, you will also need to be aware of this concern throughout your adult years. And the types of cavities you might encounter as an adult can differ from the simple cavities of your youth.

Coronal cavities are the most common type of decay, whether you are a child or an adult. This is a simple surface cavity that can be quickly and easily addressed.

From there, the more serious concern of “root cavities” can occur due to receding gums, which exposes your roots. Your enamel often covers the tooth root, but with receding gums, your exposure is greatly increased and the possibility of root cavities -resulting in a root canal- also increases.

There is a misconception among adults that, once you have a filling, or especially a crown, you are safe from further decay. We caution you to not think in this manner, as it is still possible for decay to form around your existing crowns or fillings, as plaque is still susceptible to these areas.

Cavities are not to be ignored, and although good oral hygiene and a healthy diet can assist in maintaining a cavity’less mouth, the best way to prevent serious tooth decay is by ensuring you book regular checkups with your dentist.

Simple ways to keep cavities at bay are to: brush twice daily, floss daily, avoid sugary and acidic food and drinks, and be sure to use fluoride based dental products.

At Cornerstone Dental, we want to ensure your “best accessory” is maintained, both now and for years to come!