Oral Health News

Oral Health News

Maintaining Your Optimal Oral Hygiene

As your go-to Dentist in Langley, we understand that your oral hygiene routine goes part and parcel with a healthy appearance. A mouth that looks and smells healthy, likely means your body is reflective of that same wellness. Maintaining optimal oral hygiene is, in its simplest form, keeping your teeth clean

Veneers …A Dental Procedure Worth Smiling About!

Veneers are one way to quickly gain a beautiful smile. A “veneer” is simply a thin shell of porcelain or resin that is bonded to the surface of each individual tooth, allowing you to alter their shape, shade, and position, to improve the cosmetics of your teeth and smile. They

A Healthy Shade Of White

Teeth whitening has become a common trend. However, not everyone should participate in certain types of whitening methods. For instance, if you have tooth-coloured fillings, caps, crowns, or bonding on your front teeth …whitening your other teeth that surround these cosmetic dental fixtures, can actually create alternate shade of white

A Smile …Your Best Accessory

Cornerstone Dental believes that, maintaining a healthy smile is the best accessory one can have. Not only will your overall health be maintained if your oral health is consistently addressed, but your overall appearance is enhanced also. Tooth decay (also commonly referred to as cavities), are words no one ever wants

Dental Care – From Toddlers to Teens

Showing your toddler how to care for their teeth comes from action first, and instruction second. As toddlers grow into energized children, and children turn into teenagers, ideally the your shared oral care review will be complete. Tweaks along the way might be necessary, especially if your teen is one

Sensitive Teeth No More

The discomfort of sensitive teeth can make your morning coffee or luncheon ice water a tooth searing ‘pain’. A lot of times individuals think that sensitive teeth are part of the human experience. But sensitive teeth can actually be an indicator of a variety of things. From a simple cavity, to a

Good Oral Hygiene = Fresh Breath

Bad breath is something no one wants. And covering it up with mints or mouthwash is not the solution either. Rather, if you have habitual bad breath, you will want to resolve the issue at the root of the problem. Chronic bad breath is often due to diet. Your inner

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can mean a lot of things for a lot of people. Any amount of dental pain can seem as though it constitutes an emergency, but there are certain oral concerns you should address immediately, and others that can wait a few days in order to schedule an