What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can mean a lot of things for a lot of people. Any amount of dental pain can seem as though it constitutes an emergency, but there are certain oral concerns you should address immediately, and others that can wait a few days in order to schedule an appointment

Understanding the Difference


If your dental pain is a sharp pain caused from hot or cold food or beverages, this could simply be a result of recent fillings …as your enamel will have been slightly altered in the process of receiving your filling.

Also, if you are experiencing high-levels of stress, you might be clenching or grinding your teeth at night unknowingly. This can also ware on your enamel and cause pain and sensitivity to hot and cold.

If the pain persists get it checked, but in the meantime – try a toothpaste for sensitive teeth as this can reduce the issue greatly.

Emergency If Left Untreated

Although not an immediate “need for concern”, a chipped tooth can be unsightly, therefore most people want it addressed ASAP.  Left untreated, a chipped tooth can also lead to decay due to a loss of enamel -once again- and your tooth being increasingly exposed.

Same can be said for a filling that has come out, or a crown that has come dislodged. Although rare, it can happen if perhaps your crown wasn’t put on correctly.

Even in minor cases, the quicker you can see your dental professional, the more likely your tooth is to be repaired quickly and easily.

Immediate Emergency Care

If you have inured your mouth in any way …including your gums or teeth, this needs to be addresses. When it comes to the mouth, bacteria can be a culprit you don’t want to ignore, and infection can quickly be a concern. There are both blood vessels and nerves that sit very closely to the surface of your inner mouth, so even small cuts can result in infections and should be looked at.

Infections in the mouth, left untreated, can spread to the head and neck and quickly become a true emergency beyond what your dental professional will be able to address, and a trip to the emergency room will be required.

Dental Emergencies Made Simple

Minor Discomfort = Book an Appointment

Moderate Discomfort = Call to Consult

Sever Pain = Come In / Call Emergency Dental #

At Cornerstone Dental, regardless of which emergency category you feel you fall under, we want to ensure your comfort level at all times. So please feel free to call or stop by any time for a consultation!